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About me
Who Am I?
My Name is Anna Friend, Author, Actor and Digital Broadcaster. I've been creating content and bothering people with my opinions since birth, probably. My greatest passion and skill as a broadcaster is my ability to connect to people: meeting them, learning what makes them smile and getting to the heart of who they are. Oh, and my ridiculous, unending supply of joyous ENERGY!
What do I do?
Taking on the Change: Let's Talk Menopause!
My podcast launched in April 2021 and since then it has reached over 5000 listeners all over the world. I've interviewed campaigners and journalists, women who have been struggling for years with symptoms and men who have watched their partners change. It's been an incredible journey and honour to bring these stories to people who need them. I've received the most amazing feedback from women and taken part in some fantastic events, raising awareness and bringing Menopause into the mainstream consciousness. You can listen to the latest Episode here

Radio Broadcaster

In November 2020 I hosted my debut radio broadcast on BBC Radio Wiltshire, after taking part in the UK Wide search for BBC New Voices.  I'm a regular voice on BBC Bristol and recently appeared on Radio 5Live talking about my new book! Click below to hear a selection of my radio appearences.

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