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"If you are thinking of getting Anna Friend in - Just Do It!

Anna and quickly established a fantastic rapport with our students, and kept every one of them engaged until the last minute. To be honest, we could have carried on!"

Jenny Wafer, teacher, Lincoln Minster School.

Creative Writing & Storytelling Workshop

Anna Friend is a storyteller. For the past 15 years she has been creating and telling stories through theatre and performance and now as a writer. Anna has written plays and poetry, short stories and books and now she'd like to come and share the joy of storytelling with you!


In this event, students will take part in a wonderful and joyful creative experience, working together to create


How will that happen?

  • Together we will write ideas and characters, sentences and paragraphs.

  • They'll explore the power of the adjective and the joy of alliteration.

  • We'll dabble in rhyme and at the same time....

  • We will explore all our ideas in person

  • Play theatre games to make our story POP!


  • Create mini performances.

Some will write, some will perform, design and draw but everyone will contribute to the final, fabulous outcome.

Workshop fee £125 per 45mins - 1 hour.


 Anna is a qualified and experienced teacher who specialises in bringing creativity and learning to all her teaching environments. Workshop length can vary from 45 minutes to a full day and you are welcome to book for a number of different classes in one day. 


To get a quote for this fabulous event and start the booking process, hit the BOOK NOW button!





For more information on Anna's theatre background please visit

"Anna and her gang are amazing. My son is autistic and has struggled with other drama groups; however, under   Anna's wing he is flourishing. She knows how to draw the best out of her students. They learn how to express themselves! Their latest piece was conceived by the kids and written by   Anna.... their parts were bespoke to fit their ability and personality. It was

amazing! I can't recommend her enough"

Nicola, parent to Joe who attends Quirky Bird Drama classes.

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